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Some people do not believe that there is a Higher Power guiding us through life, thereby explaining all those situations that we interpret as coincidences. If there is not a Higher Power, why was I contacted by Dennis Coyne, who had never known me, with a request to support a Vietnamese orphanage just when I was searching for an orphanage? Why did the Sunday Reading that same week contain the words, 'support the orphans'? Why did the group that visited the orphanage in February 2007 carry undesignated funds that were available to be used when we learned about a 4th orphanage that had been unable to find money to dig a well?

My background includes 5 years teaching at a technical college and nearly 30 years in management at an over-the road truck dealership working for a family who believes in always 'doing what is right.' After spending 6 months in Vietnam as a radio operator near Quang Tri, and finding that I was unable to forget about my experiences there, I finally developed an understanding that my time in Vietnam had become a positive part of my background and that something worthwhile could take place as a result.


When we share what we have with others we are rewarded many times over and my reward has been the connection with Vinh Son Orphanages.

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