Colleen Sands grew up in Lafayette, California, awaiting her father’s return from multiple deployments to the waters off of North Viet Nam, and made the trip with FVSO in 2011 in memory of her father’s service in the theater. Visiting Vinh Son 1 and Vinh Son 2 impressed her with the level of care provided to the children and the contributions FVSO has been able to provide.

Colleen worked for 25 years in the fields of project management, facilities management, and construction management throughout the United States and Indonesia, but now makes her home in the hills above Auburn, California, with her husband, Tim, and three seemingly docile canine companions.

Colleen has been active in many local organizations, including serving as Treasurer for the Relay For Life and as a founder of the Pleasant Ridge Education Foundation. 

Prior to her first contact with the children of Vinh Son orphanages, Colleen was apprehensive of seeing hundreds of children living in what she pictured orphanages to be and that she would feel compelled to take as many as she could home with her. After visiting the VS#1 and VS #2, she was impressed that, although orphans in name, these children were living within a large family of their own – ranging from the other children who help care for each other to the nuns and caretakers who provide a loving environment in close proximity to their extended families and within the influence of their own proud heritage and culture. Seeing for herself what the Vinh Son facilities provide for these children and learning what FVSO has done to improve life for the children therein encouraged Colleen to become involved with FVSO to do her part to help enrich the lives of the children of Vinh Son. 

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