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A Brief History of Friends of

Vinh Son Montagnard Orphanage: 

Montagnards, Vets & Friends

Vietnam Veterans are returning for visits (similar to WW II vets to Europe). Those who served in the Central Highlands have good memories of the tribal people called Montagnards— a French word meaning mountain people.

Of the 54 tribal minorities in Vietnam, about 30-35 are in the Central Highlands. Many served with the U.S. Special Forces and other military units. Most vets have fond memories of their service with the Montagnards. When the war ended, many of them along with the South Vietnamese, came to this country.

Those who remained have continued to struggle to survive for a variety of reasons.  The chaos created by the fall of Saigon government resulted in a substantial refugee problem as people returned to their former homelands.  Montagnards, who had a history of taking care of their own, were forced to seek help from the Sisters of the Miraculous Medal who started to take the children in.  This created the need for the care of many children. The Sisters provide this to all children regardless of their religion.


Vets & friends who visit the Vinh Son Orphanage are moved by the many needs for the children. VSO was formed to help meet this need.  We started informally in 2001 with support from family & friends; we received our non-profit status July 26, 2005.

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